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Just gonna…dump pictures of my new OTP here..



i love how far this went

tumblr artists at their best

My otp is back

new mega-otp

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i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this

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                                                     Trust me…

Fuck nah son you look like you’ve been smoking that strong shit.



i think the coolest thing would be to see a new color

right so theres this thing called the bullet shrimp imageand not only are these things totally badass and stylish

they have 16 colour cones in their vision

us humans only have 3

these things can literally see over 5 times as many colours as we can

literally they can look at what we would see as a completely black space and see thousands of colours we don’t even know exist

do you understand how fuCKING COOL THAT IS

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  • 'the new handyman's hot so i'm gonna keep breaking stuff' au
  • 1940’s jazz club au
  • 'i'm having a shit day and you just crashed into my car so i was gonna give you hell but wow you're really hot' au
  • 'you just moved into my building so i'm gonna bring you something you probably already have just so i can meet you' au
  • superhero/sidekick au
  • little league coach and one of the parents fall in love au
  • 'shit i fancy my sister's boyfriend' au
  • favourite checkout assistant au
  • falling in love on an online forum au

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More small watercolors of this boy in even more jackets! I am so ready for fall. Messed with his shapes/design, and practiced glazing graded washes.

Also, found a good mix for splotchy light denim! The pants in the left one were way too teal, and when I layered a tiny thin wash of red oxide on top, it not only neutralized but added texture.

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"The Tiger’s Bride" by Ashley Dumonchelle

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Send me a symbol and i’ll write a starter


Or send me “Alternate” and i’ll generate a number

  1. ☢ Zombie Apocalypse AU

  2. ♔ Royalty AU

  3. ♥ Arranged Marriage AU

  4. ✍ Highschool AU

  5. ☎ Roommates AU

  6. ☠ Hospital AU

  7. ♨ Cafe AU

  8. ❀ Flower Shop AU

  9. ♠ Vampires AU

  10. ♦ Werewolves AU

  11. ♢ Werecats AU

  12. ๑ Mermaids AU

  13. ☼ Models AU

  14. ☾ Actors AU

  15. ★ Olympic AU

  16. ♬ Musicians AU

  17. ✄ Androids AU

  18. ღ First Date AU

  19. ◔ Superhero AU

  20. ◕ Supervillain 

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Every Main Character Magical Girl

Dec. 1966- Aug. 2014

I haven’t even seen close to half of these like what have I been doing up until now I have so much to catch up on??

Omfg where are all these girls from!? I know only of

24: Kiki (Kiki’s deliver service) 46Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) 67: Duck (Princess Tutu) 118Panty (Panty & Stocking) 119: Madoka (Madoka Magica) 130Akko Kagari (Little Witch Academia)

Also I feel like someone is missing

Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill) 2013

please add to this if you see a face you recognize


"Sheer Show"

Dottie’s Delights A/W 2014 collaboration with Mosh

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"Sheer Show"

Dottie’s Delights A/W 2014 collaboration with Mosh

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